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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Every nw & then e stars align,
boy & girl meet by e great design,
cld it be that you & me are e lucky ones?

 e & g studies is jammin' up my brain pretty badly. 
my hand is tired frm all e writing 
& I was close t giving up until I saw tday's date: 10/10. 
13 more days to my first paper. 
hence I'm taking a short blogging break right nw 
& I'm gonna hit the books agn after this. 

wna post some of e pictures I've took last 2 wks, 
frm my golf event work, ice skating & lantern festival.
I've had some pretty awesome time 
hence it's rly hard fr me t finally settle dwn
 my heart & mind into e books. 

w Carrie

we made sucha mess at my condo. the wax & stuffs. the janitor must had been hopping mad e nx morn.

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