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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Lady Taiwan got my heart

Been pretty busy recently with stuffs at home didn't have the time to update this space.
& my pictures from Taiwan are already decaying in the folder.
Speaking of Taiwan, I seriously miss the cold weather there right now and everything bout it.
I'm seriously thinking about migrating over there someday...

All the nice food... 

Beancurd from Taiwan can't get anymore smellier, which I love.
Fav discovery in this trip: fried oyster fritters.
Famous minced meat rice. I missed out trying the shop famous for it but instead, from some random stall.
Famous ah zhong meesua is famous

soft fluffy snow ice
Their korean food from food court thrashes Singapore's korean restuarants

 Restaurant foods can be good too.
infact I kinda prefer restaurants than food stalls.

Charsiew pastries

pot sticker buns

Visited a famous artistic restaurant on our last day there.
However, I find that it kinda resembles jurassic park, but in a more modern metallic way.
I wonder since when did art gets so grumpy.


but now after looking at these pictures,
I guess I'm just someone with poor art appreciation.

The food they serve is kinda awesome in a way.

A very odd appetizer but surprisingly nice

my pick : mushrooms with salty egg yolk

pork ribs

My mom cooks better cod fishes


I took many pictures of the view there but then again,
I think it's boring to post them here.
cos I believe that pictures can never convey the beauty of those views enough.
But here are some.

Went up to Taipei 101 and there's this device which tells us about the buildings we see.

My cute soft boots I got from there for only 4 SGD.

Bare face without contact lens due to eye infection...

Bicycle rental anywhere for anyone

Writing prayers and putting their paper lamps up the sky.
Different colour lamp brings different luck





super cute dogs tending the stall
Saw ahboon at taiwan. Mindblowing boomz


Overall, the trip wasn't my idea of fun since I'm there with my folks,
but I really like it there.
time to save up and go there myself someday.


  1. Omgg foooooood! They all look so good. :Q

    Also, you look 10 years younger with the bangs and specs! Cute!

    1. Yes they're good :)

      You are one of the few kind souls who said that they are nice. I regretted cutting it and I've been pinning them up, hopefully they'll grow out quick :\