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Monday, 7 January 2013

2013 Resolutions

Setting new year resolutions' a common ritual,
but it's not common for people to actually stick to them.
I've never once stick to my resolutions,
year by year I'm still the same old person I used to be.
It kinda suck because,
I really want to change.

I don't want my old bad habits,
& those evil intentions I've had in mind from time to time.
I wanna be a better person, 
it's difficult because I'm no mother Theresa,
but I'll always be trying.

I know it's cliche,
but here's my resolution.

1. Stop jumping into conclusions all the time.
2.  Stop complicating matters in my mind
3. Be frank
4. Love the people around me a little more.
5. Define myself
6. well, & just be happier.

I don't wanna be a year older and look back on 2013 to realize that I'm still the same old me.
 I'm sick of being like this every year.
I wanna be something different.
Do me proud, 2013.

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