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Monday, 22 July 2013

Jakarta trip!

Tagged along to Jakarta with Soey and stayed at his place.
Nice mom and uncle who are both very hospitable.

It was a nice experience living life at a much slower pace,
be it certain areas are not as modern as Singapore,
but I do enjoy being exposed to that kind of environment,
makes me feel very down to earth.
& damn, all the food,
that's something Singapore can never compete with Jakarta.
Cheap + nice.
You want nice food in Singapore? You gotta have the moolah and/or time to queue for it.
No such thing in Singapore as cheap + nice + no need to queue for it.
Jakarta somehow managed to do it.


Had my childhood favourite treat after 17 years!

The world's craziest oily pancake with gener gener generroouuus amount of cheese and chocolate (each piece contains almost one can of Planta butter I swear) one mouthful of it and you'll meet your daily required intake of calories

 You'll laugh at Singapore's mutton satay so hard while savouring these.

Best noodle soup ever. Kangkong noodles with salty minced meat in flavourful soup

& we literally overdosed on seafood.
We had seafood like, 3 times in 4 days.
I can feel the level of mercury in my body hitting the maximum.
Seafood in their country is very cheap and tasty and everywhere you walk there are seafood stalls.
Can't help but sit down for some.


Bullied like I'm some Uno Stacko



There was a flood just outside Soey's place.
Funny story, was enjoying the flooding experience,
until one night I fell into a deep drain.
The flood kinda blinded me and I didn't spot a drain at the corner.
Got my knees scrapped and I cried because of all the filthy water soaking my whole body.


Spent 2 days 1 night at a resort at the mountain top.
It's something like genting highlands.
The hotel is very spacious and comfy,
we enjoyed the cold weather and pretty much stayed in and play card games.
There wasn't much recreational stuffs to do over there that's why.
But the place is awesome.

Played fireworks on one of the nights too!
It was pretty, but it's gonna be my first and last experience,
too dangerous for my liking.

& now I'm back in Singapore for almost a week already.
Feeling like a fatty but at the same time, too lazy for exercise.

Have great monday blues everyone!

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