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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Short film by Singapore Media Academy
(Subsidiary of Mediacorp)

That was my first attempt at acting.
After the 3 months course in SMA, 
I found my passion for mandarin drama.
It was a fulfilling experience for me, and I've met lots of great people.

Our lessons are hardcore too.
On few occasions we have to adapt ourselves into the character within few seconds.
I still remember one of the lessons, I have to cry and cry and cry.
Initially I had no faith in myself because I seldom shed a tear.
It was out of my expectation that I actually cried for one whole hour and the sadness was genuine.
My throat just kinda felt tight and my tears flowed without cease lol.
It was easy because everyone was so into their own roles,
hence I felt the room and got affected by them.
One of the scenario I was a drug dealer and later got caught,
soon sentenced to death.
We acted the scene on my last day before my death sentence.
My dad, my mom came to visit me.
That was memorable because I totally put myself into the role and that was the day I found out I actually have tear ducts,

In the short film above, 
I'm supposed to portray someone who isn't afraid and doesn't believe in ghosts.
It was difficult because in real life,
I'm superstitious, and I believe in ghosts.
I kinda need to become someone I am not.

Overall, a fun experience nevertheless.

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