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Thursday, 26 June 2014

beaut lies


I'm not gonna lie about my
last sip of wine or
how far away I am from
where I should be. 

I'm not gonna lie about 
how much I wish to redo everything over
so that I'll be 3 steps closer to
what I call home, maybe.

I'm not gonna lie about 
just how much I'm not okay and
how I'll never be okay because
everything else isn't.

I'm not gonna lie about
how incomplete I'm still feeling,
be it all I can hear is your heartbeat 
when the radio's off.

 Day by day I lied, though,
about how everything will soon be fine
but that day never came and
now I'm just gonna call it a day.

wasn't my fav day.
things jst nv go my way,
not even in the right way it should b.
 I jst couldn't understand hw life's always unfair all the time;
some ppl jst have things happening in their lives while
some others wished a lot more but ended up with nth.

I'm tired of always trying & failing.
I'm sick of how my life is now.
I'm in my prime, this shouldn't b the way.
I need a breakthrough, jst give me a breakthrough,
I swear I'll be gud.

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