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Monday, 29 April 2013

Star awards 2013

Tonight's the last star award I'll ever attend.

I remember following my dad to the award ceremony ever since I was little.
There's just no appropriate word to describe the feeling I'm having now,
It feels as though I'm off to a brand new chapter in my life.
There's no room for turning back and right now, all I can do is to move along.
It takes time to adapt I guess.

Whenever my dad got an award,
he will always look for me among the audience crowd
just to hand me his trophy.
I used to be so proud of him all the time.
The way he held the trophy so tightly while walking towards me and passing it to me in the end,
I'll never see it again.

However, tonight,
it's my turn to hand him the trophy.
He had made me proud enough,
now's my turn to return the favor.



  2. Gotta stay strong! Jia you!

  3. Saw the clip yesterday night. Well said. Your dad remains in my mind as the simple, down to earth "Ah Shui" in the first drama I followed. Thank you for all the memories.

  4. The tribute on channel 8 dedicated to your dad earlier moved me to tears. I am sure it's the same for many others too. Your dad was such an inspiration. His life story, passion, optimism, concern for others, love & humility will stay in our hearts forever. You are very fortunate to have a dad like him! Do him proud by living his legacy :) You are a bright girl. I wish you well...

  5. You're a strong girl. Pls live on stronger than you are. Your dad will definitely know and be proud of you. Because you'll always hold an important place in his heart no matter where he goes, just like how he does for you. Remember - forever. 加油!

  6. be a noble person, just as your father was. pass on his legacy to the next generation.