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Thursday, 2 May 2013

It's a quarter past 12A.M.
It was times like this,
You'll come in seeing me still awake.
I'll hear you asking me to go to bed.

& If I were out,
nothing's gonna change except that
you'll add on with something special,
saying it's late and come home soon.

Every night almost without fail,
we'll be bidding good nights,
be it one's sleepy and one's awake.

After that last goodbye,
I'm starting to miss our usual good nights.
I wonder if we still share the same time zone or
are our timings' too far apart?

They say one sided is incomplete but
we can't deny that one side still exists.
Perhaps I'll never hear it again from you,
but I'm still able to say it.

So here's to you, my old man,
Good night and I hope you'll sleep tight.


  1. Nicole, your dad may have said goodbye, but he'll stay in your heart forever n be by your side always.

    Reading about how wonderful ur dad has been when he was still around has personally inspired me to be a better person. His colleagues' stories of how he treated everyone well, and ur blog postings of how great a dad he was, has inspired me to be a better person to those around me.

    Sleep well, Nicole. Goodnite.

  2. Awesome N,
    No one can truly understand your loss.
    No point of anyone telling you anything like blabla its gonna be better cause we all know you have a gaping hole right where he used to be
    He now warms your heart more than he ever used to, I would wish for you.

    Blessed are you, to have met someone wonderful like he was.
    Sleep tight and night night.

    PS: Happy Birthday in advance!

  3. you are a good daughter :) keep up this spirit