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Monday, 13 January 2014

Family's favourite brunch: M Hotel Cafe 2000

Check out my new pretty heels ;)

So... eventually I went out for girls night out on Saturday,
BUT I'm so proud of myself!
Despite constant peer pressure and nagging from my girls throughout the night,
I managed to go through the night without a single drop of alcohol down my throat.
I even took antibiotics in the club while J flashed the torchlight on me so I could see
(which was extremely embarrassing because everyone saw me popping meds in a club)

I left early, at 2ish when the girls were tipsy.
(my cue to leave because they would be HAVING FUN while I'll be STIFF & SOBER)

Nevertheless, I was glad that I went home early because momsy brought us all to our usual brunch
at M hotel the next day.
The brunch ($57++/person) comes with a big portion of main course of your choice,
and also access to the buffet table which includes soup, assortment of breads, cold seafood, laksa, appetizers, fried foods, sashimi, sushi, etc.
Frankly, it's too much for me to handle.
Everytime I'll go crazy deciding between the main course and buffet.
I tend to be full after the main course and has no more room space for the buffet,
but I can't stand passing up the cold crabs, laksa and sashimi,
so I'll overeat all the time :(

 I really love the prawns they serve. Very big, juicy and sweet.

My medium rare ribeye with ratatouille and baked potato with sour cream
Mom and sis' Atlantic cod with pan fried foie gras in miso sauce 

I know for 57++ it's quite pricey,
but I think it's pretty worth it since the main course is pretty big and there's buffet too.
The brunch is only available on weekends though.
I've tried their lunch/dinner buffet too, it's amazing but they don't have wide array of options.

Cafe 2000
M Hotel, 81 Anson Road
MRT station: Tanjong Pagar


A whole afternoon of shopping after a filling brunch is the best way to spend a Sunday.
& I bought lotsa stuff!
As usual I bought most of my casual wear from f21.
F21 always have clothes that fit me perfectly, it's annoying because I'll overspend whenever I'm just cruising around to kill time.

Momsy was bored at F21 hence me and sis promised to go places she likes.
We went to check out the new Robinson at Heeren.
I was kinda amazed by their shopping area;
it's wayyy more spacious and stylish than any other Robinsons.
The interior of the departmental store's very unique,
it feels like shopping in another country.
I love their fitting rooms the most because
they have the size of 7 normal fitting rooms combined,
with pretty chairs and mirrors inside each of it.
My mom and sis actually went in together with me to see me fit dresses,
and also to rest their feet heh!
Talk about more bonding time during shopping.

Photo courtesy of

 Their clothing racks and displays make all the clothes look so classy and unaffordable,
but in actual fact, they aren't as pricey as they look;
I was fooled by the look of their display hmpf.
 Gotta check out their price tags!

 Now my feet are sore from yesterday's shopping,
& there's yoga lesson later,
soooo dead

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