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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Stay home weekends

I've gotten hair extensions!
Had short hair for quite awhile, getting bored of it.
Can't wait for my real hair to really grow out.


Momsy prepared popiah fixings for today's lunch.
she has been craving for it for weeks, wasn't surprised to see them at the dining table this afternoon.
I have no talent when it comes to wrapping a popiah; the ingredients just keep falling apart & 
the skin keeps tearing.
But nevertheless, it was fun making my own lunch today.

Was supposed to enjoy a night out with my girls tonight,
but I'm a little under the weather when I wake up this morning.
Went to see a doctor and now I have antibiotics to take.
(All the more impossible to go out and drink tonight).
Feeling rather sucky because it has been awhile since we hang out together,
was looking forward to it actually.
Sorry girls. 

Looks like its another day of curling up in bed and rewatching gossip girls.


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