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Monday, 10 February 2014

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant

Went for my favourite Japanese buffet last week,
because I had mad craving for sashimi.
Ikoi never once failed me when satisfying my craving for sashimi; 
their sashimi's super fresh and its free flow.
It was D's first time at the restaurant and I can see he likes it as much as I do.

This is their buffet menu.
They have ala carte too, which seemed pretty awesome but I think it's more pricey.

Very interesting complimentary soup in a tea pot which came with a wedge of lime.
It tasted like fish broth and the lime simply enhanced the flavour.

They have very nice cooked food and sushi too.
But we placed all our attention on their sashimi.
They have types of sushi, meat skewers, fried foods, curry, all sorts of noodles and rice.

We had 3 massive plates of sashimi!
Sad that I'm having braces, their swordfish and squid sashimis are to die for.
Super fresh and juicy.
All that I mostly had are salmon because I no need to bite them much.

Contented faces.

When walking out, I stumbled upon a photo on their wall.

My dad was there too!
& to think that he didn't bring me there.
So sad 

Their price is 38++ for adult.
I think it's reasonable since they gave complimentary stuffs and free flow of sashimi.

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant
Hotel Miramar
401 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169631
 Phone (65) 6887 3788
Fax (65) 6887 0079

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