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Monday, 17 February 2014

Awesome chinese food brunch buffet at JING

My sis brought us to JING on saturday noon for an awesome brunch buffet.
It's a chinese restaurant located near to the Butter Factory club.
(clubbers should know, you've probably walked pass it a million times while going to the restroom outside the club)

I've enlarged the menu hopefully you guys can read it.
All the food can be ordered again and again except for the chilli crab, famous soonhock fish, and the sharkfin rice, which can only be ordered once.

We started off with some dimsum since it's brunch.
They were so good but we wanted to save our tummies for better stuffs.

 Fried beancurd skin prawn fritters

 Dumplings soaked in sauce

Fried carrot cake

Fried dumplings aka gyoza

Very awesome hot and sour soup

Super comforting fish maw broth

 Drunken prawns

It's black pepper beef cubes.
I know it doesn't look super awesome or what but,
trust me; I was shock at how tender the beef cubes are.
It's covered with thick fragrant black pepper sauce and you probably can't see it,
the inside of the beef is pink!
It's so juicy I can have like, 10 servings of it.

 Chilli crab!

Soonhock fish.
It's actually a very famous hongkong fish and it's mostly eaten in wedding banquets.

 Shark fin with rice

Yummy chewy rice cake for dessert

They have other good food that we didn't order.
Things like peking duck, other beef and seafood dishes.

Guess how much this buffet cost?

Only $48++ per person!
Quite pricey, but look at all the good food that are included in the buffet.
It's very very worth it, I must say.
However, the brunch is only available on the weekends.
You can try the ala carte on weekdays too, I'm sure it's as good but maybe slightly more expensive.
Citibank users can enjoy a promotion now,
4 pax with 1 free.
My sis paid with her citibank card and the bill is only about 150 for 4 person.

One Fullerton, #01-02/03
1 Fullerton Road
Singapore 049213
Tel: 6224 0088
Fax: 6224 3080

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