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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

When hiatus went way too long...

This space is filled with cyber cobwebs and dust mites.

It's been a really long time because I've started working full time!
I am now officially a marketing executive for a wine company so,
any wine lovers out there, do come to me for any atas wines/water/tea/glassware you like.

Apart from full time job,
I am still actively keeping my modelling passion alive.
There are lesser events I can commit to no doubt, but I can still do weekend events and photoshoots.
Perhaps you've already seen it in my facebook or instagram,
Here are some of my favourites from my recent shoot:

I honestly think that I was born with a naturally proud face.
I actually get that from people a lot.
Sadly not in a good way most of the time.
People who didn't get to know me tend to judge me first, 
usually saying that I am arrogant or snooty.
Little do they know I am actually a very awkwardly funny and friendly person.

So instead of marinating myself in self pity that I could've 284753442539 more friends if my face is friendlier, 
I decided I should make full use of it.
I think I can pull off a strong, cool look full of smize and awkward poses anytime compared to 
a pocket full of sunshine, rainbows and smiles.
I feel like trying a high fashion shoot something like these:

Well, hopefully my next photography assignment is somewhere along this line
*fingers crossed*

I actually enjoy being on the other end,
that is, the photographer instead of the model.
So far, I do have passion in food photography;
I can make your chocolate lava cake or egg yolk look more elegant than they really are,
but I am the amateur instagrammer type though.
Never have I ventured into portraiture or any other form of photography, 
and maybe it's time I should pick it up as a hobby and see how well I'll fare.
(something to keep my 8 to 5 lifestyle from getting too stale or boring)

 Told J about my new hobby to be:

J: if you think you like it maybe you should try it.
Me: I don't know man, where should I start?
J: at least get a DSLR first and start playing with it from there.
Me: Well I received a polaroid camera last week for my birthday so...


Just gotta hurt feelings, J, just gotta..

On a side note...
does today feel like monday to you?
Cos it does to me & I hate it.
Happy Wednesday blues everyone.

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