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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The 10 foods that I'm always craving for

I know this sounds funny more than it's sad but,
I gained a massive 3kg right after the week of my birthday.
My friends were all mighty nice taking turns to celebrate my birthday over dinner;
dinners that consisted of my favourite foods.
Usually, my metabolism's able to wade off the extra pounds before they stick themselves to my hips and thighs,
but due to my newly acquired sedentary lifestyle as an office lady,
the metabolism slowed itself down a great deal ever since I started working.

Right now I've managed to shed off a kg without doing much,
except for a little bit of exercise (I just went downstairs to swim).
Hopefully I'm able to get back in shape soon
(mom: round's a shape too dear!)

In order to help me to achieve this,
I am going to restrict myself from my usual eats.
This is where this blogpost is going to come in handy for me because,
I am determined: I am not going to touch these foods/meals for a minimum 2 weeks
(starting small is always better).

1. Chinese Dumplings

I'm sure my love for chinese dumplings is kinda obvious.
Like I've mentioned in the that post,
the dumplings from Chinatown market is so far the best I've had.
Whenever my family is nearby, 
they will always purchase the frozen ones from the stall and store them in our freezer.
It's a joy to add 5 or 6 of them into instant noodles, or into home-cooked steamboat.
The good news this time round is that,
currently I don't have them in my freezer yay!
Eliminating this from my diet is gonna be easy peasy.

2. Black Carrot Cake

When it comes to carrot cake,
I always find the white ones bland and sometimes near to tasteless.
I admit, I have a heavy flavour palate;
this isn't very good since more salt/sugar is involved in my food to make it tasty to me.
I'm always craving for black carrot cake, I realized.
Whenever my mom goes to the market in the morning and asks me if I want any breakfast,
the first food that I can think of is always black carrot cake.
I think I'm hypnotized by these soft, dark soy sauce drenched fries eggs and carroty pieces.

This is a picture of my favourite dark carrot cake.
It's from a stall at Toa Payoh Central.
Of course, there are many other very good dark carrot cake,
(chomp chomp, kallang bahru market, etc),
but the one at tpy central has left the strongest impression in me;
perhaps I was really hungry that one time when I had it.

3. Dry Mala Hot-pot

Another favourite of mine which is also situated at Chinatown market:
Ri Ri Hong Mala Xiang Guo.
I like the dry hot pot there because they give me sooo much mala sauce
(I like lots of gravies on my rice).
The dry hot pot at AMK hub food court actually tastes really good too,
but sadly, it lives up to its name of being a DRY hot pot,
I hate it when my rice feels like desert.

4. Cold Seafood

Crabs, big juicy prawns, scallops, lobsters, & OYSTERRRS.
I love them all icy.
I always spam the cold seafood section whenever I'm having buffet,
and spare little attention on the other sections.
I love oysters the most, despite how revolting its flavour is to some people.
I can have 10 of them at one go, no problemo.

5. Mookata (Thailand BBQ steamboat)

I think this is one of the few difficult ones to refrain from.
It's kinda like a habit of mine to meet up with my friends after a long day work to unwind over a lengthy but satisfying mookata late dinner.
I always go to the one at golden mile no matter how inaccessible it is from my place.
My love for Mookata is deeper than the ocean.

:( Want some right now after seeing this picture.


 No one knows steamboat better than Hai Di Lao.

Ever since my virgin trip to HDL last month,
I no longer crave for steamboat from other places.
This sucks because HDL is always so full and reservation is pretty tough,
(unless you're heading there for supper after 11pm then rest assured, it's almost half empty).
I always crave for steamboat from time to time;
I love cooking my own food and pairing them up with good soup bases.
Furthermore, steamboat can never go wrong;
beef, pork belly, mutton, assorted mushrooms, eggs, vermicelli, seafood, etc.
It covers mostly everything.

I miss HDL's tomato soup and spicy soup,
they are sooooo comforting somehow.

7. Spicy instant ramen with cheese and egg

I love having this especially when I'm alone at home and feeling lazy.
Some people that had seen me adding cheese to my ramen was skeptical,
but truth to be told, that's kinda the way koreans eat their ramen sometimes and,
it's ridiculously delicious.
Many people are doing it now actually, it's no biggie,
but I love it so much this has gotta be one of my all time cravings.

8. Coco Ichibanya Hash beef curry Omelette rice

I always order this whenever I patronize Coco Ichibanya.
Personally, I think this is the best curry rice in their menu.
The portion isn't very small but I always feel that one portion isn't enough for me,
because it's too delicious!
Soft beef slices, slightly sourish tomato-y curry with chewy rice topped with fluffy, moist and buttery eggs;
I will always crave for this plate of curry rice,
always have, always will.

9.Korean BBQ

This is also one of the toughest to get rid of.
(I love love love Superstar K, by the way).
Kimchi soup, juicy half cooked beef chunks, soy sauce chicken, fluffy steamed eggs, buttery mash potato,
I wanna cry so much while typing the sentence above, knowing that I am not gonna have them for a few weeks.


...on almost anything.
Carbonara, rosti, Benedict, etc.
It doesn't matter because

This is an example of a good poached egg to me; on Antoinette's cabonara.
(whites are not too hard and yolk is not too runny that I couldn't catch it).

Actually there's nothing fattening about poached eggs,
but the dishes that are served along with them, ugh.
Bye poached eggs, gonna replace you with hard-boiled eggs for now.

I shall weigh myself again in 2 weeks time after excluding these meals in my diet.
Hopefully I'll drop more than 2 kg,
then I can celebrate and eat them one by one like a checklist,
 and still be back to my old weight.
*fat hope*

Stomach's growling while writing this post.
Shall sleep it off now, nothing's tastier than a flat tummy.

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  1. You have almost identical taste in food with me. Julez.