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Thursday, 16 April 2015

All's gone when you're: a eulogy

Oh wow, my blog is filled with cobwebs.
I guess the little hiatus went a little long...

Fact is, was really busy with Ezidelivery.
Wasn't quite myself for quite a couple of months,
I'm glad things are slower now and I can take big big breathers!
(back to busy in a month's time though).

Anyway, I would like to share the eulogy for my dad I've written and featured in last Sunday's Zaobao here.
It's gonna be 2 years in a few days' time ever since he left (time indeed flies).
 I wanna thank Zaobao for approaching me and giving me this opportunity to release all the nostalgic feelings I've kept inside me for the longest time,
as well as letting me share the memories I've had with my dad, 
with everyone who used to love him (his fans!). 

It was my first time writing in mandarin and having it published
(the nearest I've gotten was all the chinese compos I wrote in school, haha).
I am now quite rusty in chinese writing actually, 
but I guess there's just too much feelings for me to express 
hence writing this eulogy wasn't half as hard. 
I used to be really good in mandarin okay (my English used to suck big time),
but after I entered poly, everything was written and done in english,
that was when I lost touch with mandarin.
(on the bright side, my english improved tremendously lah).

 I'm sure it can be read the pixel is pretty big.
Click it, right click "view image", and zoom as you please.

Anyway, it was easy finding the right things to pen down
(because there's just too many),
but not easy to write at all
(overwhelming thoughts and emotions).
It took me quite awhile to finish because there were plenty of pauses
(found myself walking down the memory lane wayyyyyy too many times).

I would say we have moved on with our lives,
but a part of us still seems to be missing, somewhere.
The fact is, that part isn't lost because
it will never be found;
pretending its lost is what's keeping us sane & going.

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