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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Madam Tussauds wax museum opening

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has shown support or words of encouragement to me in many ways, 
sorry couldn't possibly reply to all of it but no worries, I've seen each and every of them :)

I am brought up to have a strong acceptance of comments, the good or bad.
I have to because of who my dad is.
I've seen lots of negative comments and honestly none of them gets to me personally.
Although most people thinks my dad deserves the wax figure, but there are still a handful of negative comments doubting his significance.
Trust me, I am more than okay when I come across these comments.

Being a straight forward person,
I get how it feels when you get flamed by people just because your opinion isn't aligned with the majority.
That's why I couldn't stress this enough;
I am not unhappy with Jonathan saying my dad has no contribution,
 and asking why my dad was chosen.
I am unhappy simply because he said my dad got a wax figure, 
because he died.

Jonathan isn't the only one who disagrees my dad's significance.
I've seen a few who thinks the same like him too.
& I am not at all upset by their comments,
because they are not wrong to speak how they feel,
so long as they don't show disrespect along the way.

Social media nowadays are not clear on the facts,
they try to make things as wry/misleading as they could so that readers can expand their imaginations and of course, make the overall story even more interesting than the original one.
 Articles online are making me sound like an overprotective daughter who couldn't stand just the tiniest bit of negative comment made of my dad.
Trust me, I am used to it and no, I'm not petty like that


With all these issues aside, 
I would like to share a bit more on the Madam Tussauds wax museum opening night I've attended last Thursday.
Many other famous characters are featured in the museum and some of them really look almost 99% alike the real person.

I didn't take pictures with all the wax figures, just a few.
Spent most of the time getting nice pictures with my dad, of course.
I was happy with the area they placed my dad at, it has good lighting on and people can take nice pictures with him.

The boat ride is an additional attraction in the museum.
Was actually invited for the boat ride, but turned out it wasn't ready yet :(

Really love this picture of Mr and Mrs Lee Kuan Yew.
Some commented that they're being dressed too casually.
However, I think dressing them casually portrays them better as the Father and Mother of Singapore.
 This dress up exudes a more approachable and loving feel which I think they are going for.
This is definitely better than suits and formal dress.

Really look like how we were in the past.
I used to cling on his arms around like so.

We were all pretty famished after the exhibition so we headed to Vivo for late dinner.
Forgotten the bar restaurant name, but am pretty sure it's a German bar.

Their King prawn black truffle pasta is really good.
Not so much about the fries though, the chilli crab dip was a disappointment.

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