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Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I'm never good at walking down memory lanes, but I do that all the time.
I guess it's my guilty pleasure to escape the present once in a while.
I don't deny that sometimes guilty pleasure takes a bit too long and
I'll tend to stuck there for quite some time,
but I love to close my eyes and play pretend the whole afternoon,
that I'm back to where I was, replaying every bit of the past
as though I am reliving them again.
At times it gets a little difficult when,
those parts involve people or things that no longer exist in the present.
They tend to get a little foggy and unfamiliar against my will and
somehow it hurts a little knowing that I'm losing touch of them.

Pictures do help.
I am forever thankful for them.
We'll never know just how much that single snap of the camera means to us,
until what's left is the picture, and what's in the picture, is history.

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