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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Came across some old polaroids and photoshoot prints while clearing up the room

 So excited that I'm getting my old messy room a good revamp.
I've threw out many stuffs that aren't necessary,
and for some, only for sentimental sake. 
I finally did it because,
I've learned that the best place to keep memories is not an old metal box or a shelf,
but in our mind and heart.

Determined as it sounds,
I still found some things worthy to be kept.
Like an old red packet my dad gave it to me on my 20th birthday,
with some chinese words inked at the back:

My precious girl,

Today is your 20th birthday.
 Time flies, I remember so well when you were little,
you're so joyful, bubbly,
and now you're all grown up.
Being grown up means new responsibilities,
you're the owner of your own life now.
So, daddy's here to wish you
a happy birthday,
stay healthy,
and be a worthy person.


I don't deny that
those scribbly marker stains
did make me tear quite a little.
But life goes on.

Sad as it sounds, 
as much as some memories are precious to keep,
it kills you at the same time,
to keep it.

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