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Thursday, 20 June 2013

 The guys came over ytd to cook up a special meal
it was tasty but Steve took too long to prepare,
almost 3 hours.
but well, his steak turned out to be pretty awesome.

N: you should speed up on your preparation even though your food is tasty
S: good food is worth the wait!
N: imagine you opening a restaurant and someone orders "I would like a plate of fish and chips" and you'll say "oh, that would be 10 hours"
S: -.-

Soey's seafood Aglio Olio!
Very nice (with me seasoning em before serving)


although it took very long,
but the steak's really quite damn good


& today,
my immune system failed me 'cos of the haze.
bad sore throat, flu and headache.
K and S came t visit in the afternoon
bringing me bitter herbal tea, strepsils and we had 3 games of monopoly deal.
not liking the tea but S losing monopoly deal is kinda the highlight of the afternoon

He lost all rounds,
poor thing.

& now I'm waiting for my personal McDelivery from S since McDonalds' not taking any orders due to the haze.
hopefully junk food's gonna make me better

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